Live Concerts: the best Elevator Pitch at TechCrunch Meetup in Prague

We had a chance to present our Live Concerts widget at TechCrunch Meetup in Prague last week. It was a great party not just because we won the Elevator Pitch contest (and MacBook too). It was one of the first major Web 2.0 events happening behind the legacy iron curtain.

John Biggs from CrunchGear/TechCrunch was streaming right from his cell phone:

So what did we present? We are working on Live Concerts widget that will help people enjoy live music.

Many music fans like to go to live concerts. It is always a social activity as people tend to go to live shows with their friends. Based on individual preferences, the widget lets users know when their favorite artist or band is coming to town. If they don’t want to go alone, they can invite their friends. The same way, users get valuable recommendations and reviews from their friends.

Music fans can use the widget as a concert ticket search engine as well. They can buy tickets from various ticket sellers and thus get the most affordable offer. The Live Concerts widget is going to work on all major social networking sites, e.g. MySpace, Facebook and other OpenSocial based social networks. It will be available as a standalone application too.

Now show me the money! The worldwide concert ticket market is on the rise. Concert ticket sales were expected to reach 9 billion US dollars worldwide last year, up nearly 10% over 2006. This year it should hit 10 billion USD mark.

UPDATE: Our first TechCrunch coverage 🙂