Drinking beer in 2.0 style (and how to build a devoted community)

Let’s assume you are damn thirsty and heading to your favorite pub to have a nice cold beer, as usually. You enter the pub, have a seat and are waiting for a waiter. Wrong! Not here and not now as it’s the old school.

This is the new deal. You enter the pub, have a seat and help yourself with a built-in self-service tap. So you don’t need to wait for a waiter anymore and can drink as much as you want. It’s simply the well-known on-demand model. Each table in the pub has its own tap mechanism. Taps are connected to a central cash desk which measures the beer consumption of each person, table and pub in the franchising network.

Because the consumption data are also being aggregated over the internet, in each pub you can see drinkers’ leader board on a big screen. You can also compete with other pubs in the network and see online where (in which pub) people drink most beer. Isn’t that amazing?

I just wonder if they build a Facebook application (perhaps FB Connect would be more appropriate) posting to News Feed messages like “John just finished his 10th beer”. They could also use Twitter API so you could automatically broadcast “I’m totally drunk”. Just make sure your wife is following you on Twitter in case you need a ride at 3 a.m.

But seriously, there have not been many innovative projects launched in the Central Europe region lately. This is an exception and I believe others will follow. The company behind the unique self-service tap system called “The Pub” is based, not accidentally, in Pilsen (Czech Republic) where the original Pilsener beer is coming from.

So far I like the concept very much. My biggest concern is the fact how intensively the online and offline worlds can cooperate. Of course they could go further and use a huge potential of the internet for increasing the awareness of their excellent idea by building the real world community with the help of virtual social networks and lifestream web services.

By the way, could you beat the current record of drinking 14 liters of beer during one session? 😮

  • Actually, this connection with social networks is from those I hope will never be done. 🙂

    And I am not sure if this innovation is from The PUB, I guess it is straight from Pilsener, because Jarmark restaurant is using the same system for some time so far. Anyway, this innovation is quite cool.

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