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We are announcing the launch of, where music fans can find upcoming shows of their favorite musicians and buy and sell concert tickets.

Our new website serves two purposes: live music discovery and concert ticket reselling. Fans of live music can see upcoming shows of artists and bands they like on Facebook. And now, based on the feedback from our Facebook app users, we have added an option where users can list their concert tickets for sale. The basic version is free, with one restriction: only the seller’s Facebook friends can see the ticket offer. Tickets listed within the paid version are promoted to all users, not just friends, for 9% commission from the total ticket sale, allowing the ConcertIn website to connect fans who want to sell tickets with a much broader buyer pool.

The secondary ticket market has always been a shady place, be it for sports or concert tickets. The new ConcertIn website solves one of the biggest problems with the secondary market: the lack of transparency. Every user at is required to login via their Facebook identity. Using API, our service utilizes Facebook data to record the music a user likes, their location, and their email address. Not only does this help streamline user registration, it also brings a clear and transparent user identity to the marketplace.

Each ticket sales listing is accompanied by a user’s profile picture, name, location, and number of Facebook friends. This information helps to confirm that the ticket seller is a real music fan rather than a scalper located hundreds miles away or a fake person with just a few friends. Improved transparency should result in better conditions for true music fans, who will be able to buy tickets at for more reasonable prices.

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