HOW TO: Sell concert tickets for free

There are many website options available on which music fans can sell their unused concert tickets. Whether it is eBay, its subsidiary StubHub, or TicketsNow owned by Ticketmaster, music fans are typically forced to pay a commission when selling their tickets online. However, offers a better alternative for music fans – on this site, ticket sellers can make transaction without paying commission fees.

Sell concert tickets for free at

Until now, if fans needed to sell their concert tickets because they thought they may not make the show, they could post their tickets at If the transaction went through, the seller would pay a 15 percent commission. Furthermore, the buyer, too, would pay a commision – 10 percent of the total ticket price. On the sale of a $100 ticket, StubHub would make a handsome profit of $25.

But at, you can sell tickets for free – no commission fees are charged. After signing in with Facebook, you can list a ticket for sale. If you don’t opt for a paid promoted ticket listing, your ticket offer still appears on the concert page in the “Tickets for sale” section. In this case, the seller’s identity is shown only to his or her Facebook friends who can reply to the seller and make a deal.

Even if users who want to sell tickets and who want to buy are not Facebook friends, they can conduct a transaction thanks to the ConcertIn website. The non-friend users can also reply to the seller to buy tickets after paying a small fee, usually $0.99. The identity of the seller is revealed, and both parties can get in touch and negotiate the details of the transaction.

If ticket sellers want to find buyers faster, they can pay to promote the ticket listing. For a fee of 9 percent of the total ticket price, sellers get their ticket offers exposed, including their identities, to all fans visiting the concert page. Prospective buyers can easily contact the ticket seller, either by e-mail or on Facebook. Compared to StubHub’s $25 profit, ConcertIn makes at the most $9 on the sale of a $100 ticket.

Before you decide which service to use to sell your unused concert tickets, be sure to check out all the available options. And don’t forget that you can sell concert tickets for free – with a little help from your (Facebook) friends.

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