Looking for One Direction concert tickets? You’re not alone.

One Direction ConcertThere’s a good chance you have already heard about One Direction. An English-Irish pop boy band is currently on its second tour called “Take Me Home Tour”. Social media is one of the main factors that helped build the hugely successful brand 1D. So why not use social media in the hunt for available concert tickets for the 1D shows!

One Direction was formed in London and finished third in the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success by the power of social media, the band is often described as part of a new “British Invasion” in the United States. How big is 1D on Twitter? Take a look at the never-ending stream of Twitter posts craving for its concert tickets:

One Direction embarked on its second concert tour “Take Me Home” in February 2013. The tour consists of more than 100 shows in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. Ticket sales reached 300,000 within a day of release in the UK and Ireland. In Australia and New Zealand, all 190,000 tickets for the eighteen shows were sold.

But you probably only need one or two tickets. So go ahead and try the One Direction concert page with all the band’s tour dates. On this site, you might find your desired tickets or be able to sell unused tickets to other fans. The oft-cited “clean cut, wholesome, whiter-than-white, middle-class, parent-friendly pop” band’s show is waiting for you. Enjoy the show!

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